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Woman Destroys Pro-Life Signs, Assaults Peaceful Pro-Lifers at UW Madison

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Pro-life advocates at the University of Wisconsin at Madison have found themselves to be the latest victim in a long list of attacks perpetrated by abortion advocates this year.

The pro-life organization, Created Equal, recently released a video which shows a young woman spray-painting over pro-life signs because, according to the perpetrator, “they’re triggering, they hurt people.” She then hurled a number of expletive remarks, and shoved one of the pro-life activists attempting to stand between her and the sign.

The released video also contains scenes from the police interview that followed this whole fiasco. In the video, the woman admits she premeditated the vandalism and was proud of her actions. She can be seen laughing during the interview, when several people called her a “hero” for damaging the pro-life group’s property.

Unfortunately, these types of incidents have become common for pro-life activists on and off campus. LifeNews, a pro-life organization, has documented over 50 incidents of pro-life activists being harassed and attacked in 2019. Additionally, according to Students for Life of America, over 50 pro-life displays have been vandalized this year on campuses throughout the country.

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